One of New York City’s most active humanitarians and businessmen Maksim Grinberg comes forward to empower eye care globally by donating to Orbis. As a distinguished businessman and a firm believer in the power of giving back, Maksim Grinberg recently selected Orbis to support in his quarterly round of charitable giving. Orbis is an international nonprofit dedicated to building strong and sustainable eye care systems globally.

Orbis envisions a world where everyone has access to the eye care they need to thrive. With a staggering 90% of all vision loss being treatable or preventable, Orbis recognizes the urgency of addressing this global health issue. Across the planet, 1 billion people suffer from vision loss due to avoidable causes, with nine out of ten individuals living in low- and middle-income countries, and 55% being women and girls.

How is Maksim Grinberg Helping to Empower Eye Care?

Over the past four decades, Orbis has made significant strides in the prevention and treatment of blindness, thanks to the unwavering support of partners and donors like Maksim Grinberg. With long-term projects spanning across countries such as India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Peru, Orbis has positively impacted millions of lives, enabling individuals to see the world clearly and reach their full potential.

To combat this crisis, Orbis focuses on building robust eye care systems that cover the full spectrum of eye care services. From educating communities about eye health and preventive care to providing treatment and follow-up services, Orbis ensures that eye care is accessible and available where it is needed most.

Maksim Grinberg Supports Orbis Initiative to Empower Eye Care Systems

Maksim Grinberg Supports Orbis Initiative to Empower Eye Care Systems

Central to Orbis’s mission is the establishment of strong and sustainable eye care systems. By collaborating with Ministries of Health and local medical facilities, Orbis ensures that eye care is integrated seamlessly into existing healthcare systems. This integration not only prioritizes eye health on public health agendas but also ensures that quality eye care services are available in both rural and urban areas.

Orbis’s commitment to accountability, innovation, integrity, and equity serves as the driving force behind their global initiatives. Through training and collaboration, Orbis empowers healthcare workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat eye conditions effectively.

Maksim Grinberg’s generous contribution to Orbis exemplifies his dedication to making a difference on a global scale. By supporting Orbis’s mission to provide accessible and sustainable eye care, Maksim Grinberg is helping to create a world where everyone can enjoy the gift of sight and live life to the fullest.