Maksim Grinberg

You might have heard the name Maksim Grinberg when it was briefly in the news over five years ago. The headlines, including a New York Times headline, featured the USSR native’s name as well as charges that were brought against him. What these stories failed to include was Maksim Grinberg’s story, which comprises the most important aspect of a man. Afterall, it is a person’s story that paints a clear picture of a person’s true character and yields a lens into the person’s actions. Maksim Grinberg is more than a headline.

So, who is Maksim Grinberg? When interviewed, all who know Maksim Grinberg agreed they could go on and on about his good patronage and nature for helping people, all people, especially his family. The stories we heard included similar characteristics that appeared during his adolescence and remain to this day. These are the stories that formed Maksim Grinberg into the man, father, and protector he is and why protecting his family and those in need always have been and always will be his utmost priority. Want to know more about Maksim Grinberg? Visit his personal website at